In order to get the information of tickets from the response object, you can use the following example:

// resp is the response object got from the API call
const data = resp['data']; // actual data
const tickets = data['normalDisplayTicketList']; // array of tickets which are set to allow for bookings

// loop through tickets
const ticketsLen = tickets.length;
for (var i = 0; i < ticketsLen; i++) {
  const ticketFullInfo = tickets[i]; // will hold the ticket info with available count
  const ticket = ticketFullInfo['ticket']; // Static info of ticket like - name, total count, sales start/end dates, price etc
  const ticketName = ticket['ticketName']; // Ticket name
  const ticketPrice = ticket['ticketPrice']; // Ticket price
  const totalTicketCount = ticket['totalTickets']; // Total tickets can be purchased 
  const availableTicketCount = ticketFullInfo['availableCount']; // Number of tickets which are currently available
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